365 Days in Aspen


2017-01-03-18-37-33Being January and the beginning of the year, the word "forecast" has multiple meanings. Ironically (or coincidentally?) I'm writing a chapter on fate and destiny and precognition for a new book I'm working on. 

book-about-your-lifeOne thing about living in Aspen, or in any ski resort town, is that almost any kind of winter weather is good. Sun's out? Great! Let's go skiing! Snowing? Great! We need it! Let's go skiing! The only "bad" weather is rain (which would melt the snow and create crappy skiing conditions); or not enough variety. 

So "forecasts" are pretty important in helping you plan your day (or week), even if you decide to take a day off from skiing. 

As we start the new year, we look forward to the potential for the next 365 days. In some cases, it's trepidation and in others it's excitement. Just like some of us would "read the book" of our lives, and others prefer to stay in the dark and watch it unfold in time. Some check the forecast and prepare, and others look out the window.

How about you?