365 Days in Aspen

Partly Cloudy

2017-01-17 17.25.582017-01-17 10.31.222017-01-17 10.46.49Today I went skiing (as you can see – at 10:25 a.m.) – the conditions forecast was "partly cloudy." 

However, check out these photos. You have to search for those clouds. Almost as hard as you have to search for people waiting in the lift line. 

I remember visiting another town (which shall go unnamed) where their definition of a "partly cloudy" weather forecast was defined as "dark gray skies with a hint of a lighter gray).  

The message: It's all relative. 

I'm not saying we don't have gray days here. We do – and have had a lot of them. Thankfully, they usually accompany precipitation – rain or snow – both of which are welcomed and appreciated.  

Just like life, we need some gray days to help us appreciate the sunny ones. And even if there are a few (or a lot) of clouds, we need to "follow the sun."