365 Days in Aspen

Archetypes, Part 2

visionary typesYesterday I talked about archetypes, and shared with you my own. Each archetype has multiple dimensions. For example, the Creative archetype are different forms of creative expression. The artist, the chef, the poet, the novelist. 

The other expressions of the Visionary, my secondary type, were most interesting to me. The Designer, the Futurist, the Entrepreneur, the Director, the Strategist, the Intuitive, the Detective. 


Now let's look at the shadow side of the Visionary. (The shadow side of the Creative didn't fit me, to be honest.  I'm neither a perfectionist nor a copycat. The Visionary in me would never allow either!)  

shadow to visionaryThe shadow side of the Visionary does hit close to the mark. 

"Without investors, many visionaries would be nowhere." Oops.

And "You have an inordinate need for solitude." Yep. This explains why some people might wonder how I can enjoy Aspen and not go out to every event every moment of the day. I need time to create, to think. 

"Can also become intolerant of other people and other places." Yes – especially when it/they conflict with my 3rd Archetype, which is Caregiver. Ohhh yeah. And another reason for my despair for what's going on in the world today. 

I hope you enjoyed this discussion on Archetypes. I would LOVE to hear yours!  Please go to my facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/365DaysinAspen/ – and tell me what you got!