365 Days in Aspen

Archetypes, Part 3







The past two days I've discussed Archetypes and how they can impact your life. I started with highlighting the top archetypes identified on Archetypes.com.  "Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start."  (Can you name that tune?)  

Of course, there are quite a bit more than the dozen listed here. Caroline Myss suggests that we have 12 major archetypes that define our soul – and determine our soul contract(s) for this lifetime. 

I'm still learning what mine are – trying to distinguish between the ones that are aspirational vs. actual – beyond the three that I talked about in the last two posts. (I still haven't finished her book, after all. And I certainly need to do more studying). On her website, Myss offers a "gallery" of the archetypes she mentions: https://www.myss.com/free-resources/sacred-contracts-and-your-archetypes/appendix-a-gallery-of-archtypes/.  

Am I an addict? Maybe a little – to my drive to create and share a vision.

Am I an advocator? Only in my role as a caregiver to the planet. 

Am I an alchemist? Yes – in my inventions and creations and manifesting my visions.

Angel? Um, no.  

Artist? More of a creator than an artist per se.

Athlete? Not really.  Avenger? Nope. Beggar? Hope not. Bully? No. Child? No. Clown? No. Companion? No. Damsel? No. Destroyer? No. Detective? Not really. Dilettante? Need to learn more to see if that fits. Don Juan? Don't think so! Engineer? No. Exorcist? No. Father? Um, no. Femme Fatale? No. Gambler? Maybe a little. God? No! Goddess? Doubt it. Gossip? Don't think so. Healer? Yes a bit. Hedonist? No. Hero/Heroine? Aspirational. Judge? More like justice-seeker than judge. King? No. Knight? No. Liberator? Need to read more. Lover? In a way (but not how you think). Martyr? Hope not. Mentor? Hope so. Messiah? Doubt it! Midas? No way. Monk/Nun: No. Mother? No. (Explains a lot). Mystic? No. Networker? Maybe. Poet? Not really. Priest? As if! Prince? No. Prostitute? No. Queen? No. Rebel. Doubt it – it's more that I don't fit into this world than I'm rebelling against it. Rescuer? Maybe. Saboteur? Maybe. Samaritan? Don't think so. Scribe? No. Seeker? Probably a little. Servant? Hope not. Shape-Shifter? Hmmm… Slave? Hope not. Storyteller? Yes. Student? Only a little. Teacher? Yes. Thief? Nope. Trickster? No. Vampire? No. Victim? Not today. Virgin? Hmmm… Visionary? Yes of course. Warrior? No. 

How about you? Are you willing to share and discuss?