365 Days in Aspen

A Hermit Gets Out

aspen eventI'm taking a break in my political posts today to get back to a reflection on life in Aspen. 

Last night I went to an event entitled "Environmentalism in the Trump Era." 

Tonight I'm going to an Aspen Entrepreneurs event about philanthropic investing.

Wednesday night I'm going to try to attend two events – one is a discussion on Physics from the Aspen Center for Physics and the other is an author talking about his book about William Glasser. 

Thursday there are also two other options.

All are free. All are within a 10 minute walk. 

After reading and studying more on Archetypes, I conclude that I do, indeed, have many of the characteristics of a Hermit. Both bad and good. Or, as they say, both in the light and in the shadows. I googled it and found out more enlightening information… http://susannabarlow.com/on-archetypes/the-hermit-archetype/  .  Look at the reference to forests and caves. (Remember my post about living in a cave?)  Moving here certainly fits my archetype. Although interestingly it's easier to retreat in a large city than a small town. Which is both good and bad for my living here.

Like last night when I made a comment at the meeting on environmentalism. I felt compelled to say what everyone was thinking but not saying, and yet now I'm not so invisible. Especially here. 

Is that good? Or bad?