365 Days in Aspen

Brownell Landrum: An Open Book…


imageedit_8_4298899423This blog offers insight into the open yet enigmatic Brownell Landrum.  Yep, that's me!  

I'm a writer, inventor, speaker and all-around creative force of nature. I've published 4 novels in the DUET stories series, one nonfiction book, Five Reasons Why Bad Things Happen: How to Turn Tragedies Into Triumph, two Wonderactive Books children's books, Sometimes I Wonder and This Isn't My First Timewritten one screenplay (working on another) and co-written a few songs, including one that was featured in a film in 2015. I'm also the inventor of a company/program called DrawSuccess, which is "on hold" for the time being, ready for the planet to catch up to the world-changing methodology I created.  Hopefully someday.  

This blog will chronicle my year in Aspen.  Here are a few brief answers to questions I'm getting:

Why Aspen?

I chose Aspen for a number of reasons.  I knew I needed a change and I've loved Aspen since my first visit here 29 years ago. I've been here in the winter (to ski) and summer (to hike) and loved both seasons.  It's undeniably beautiful.  The weather is incredible.  Clear, blue skies.  Crisp air.  Low humidity so that when it's hot, it's not really hot and when it's cold, it's not really cold.  I wanted to live somewhere friends would want to come visit.  And I wanted to live in a "real" town, not just a resort.  

Why one year?

The simple answer is that I know I can afford to live here for a year without worrying about making money.  Beyond that, I'll need an income if I want to stay.  I also think by giving myself "365 Days" it helps me focus on the daily experience of life in Aspen.  I started out 2016 not sure I'd live through the year.  (I explain more in the blogs on this website), so giving myself a year from now, six months later, extends the vista a bit.  

And who knows?  I might stay here the rest of my life, or I might experience "365 days" somewhere else.  We'll see!  

So – What is This Blog About?

This blog is part "Eat Pray Love" part "Wild" and part "A Year in Provence" – from my unique perspective of life.  "Eat Pray Love" without so much of the "Eating" part, replacing "Pray" with meditating (to me, prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God) and not looking for "Love," unless it's loving life.  And maybe loving myself a bit more.  

Part "Wild" in that it's an experience to shift from a very different but still challenging past into a new future, a new life. And part "A Year in Provence" in that I'm chronicling a beautiful, special location throughout a year.  (A little less focus on the food here, too).