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They say it always helps to "get a little perspective." 

I went exploring, looking for a new hiking adventure, and walked/hiked from the Tiehack lift near Buttermilk to the Aspen Highlands resort. In truth, it's not a very far distance and the terrain is generally flat. But from here it looks monumental. 

perpectiveIt's true about a lot of things in life. When you have the opportunity to see life from a new point of view.  

As someone who is passionate about innovation, perhaps one of the most important aspects of creativity is the ability to shift perspective. In one of my favorite books, The Five Faces of Genius by Annette Moser-Wellman  talks about "the fool" which is bascially looking at a situation from upside down, or inside-out.  

Moving to a new place is an obvious way of changing your view – quite literally by looking out the window. So can driving a new path to work (which experts say can help keep your brain alive), learning a new skill or meeting someone new. 

This quote from the movie "Shall we Dance?" suggests the value of having a partner to have a "witness to our lives."

I suggest you can get the same thing through your friends and family – old and new. 

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