365 Days in Aspen

Reflecting Into the Past

There's nothing like moving somewhere new that makes you evaluate your past, present and future. 

This song came at me like a flash from the past. Even though I listen to music from just about every decade, I hadn't heard this tune in ages. 

I'm changing, arranging,
I'm changing,
I'm changing everything
Everything around me

I Love Change273x240If you read this blog – and/or know me personally – there are some things you know about me. One of which is that I believe in the value of change. So many people talk about the "Law of Attraction" when there are so many other "laws" – one of which I believe is the "Law of Change." (Along with the Law of Karma and others). 

In physics, they say that "nature abhors a vacuum." In a similar, yet opposite way, I assert that "nature" (the Universe, God, etc.) loves change because it creates that vacuum, allowing Him/Her/It to come in and work magic. 

A lot has changed for me since I've moved. Unlike the song above, I don't long to "take me back to my home." Which leads to another thing you may know about me is that I'm the personality type that looks forward, not backward. (I could arguably be called a leading personality experts, an honor I earned through 15,000 hours of study and the awarding of a patent for my DrawSuccess invention).  Some people spend a lot of time in the past, longing to go back in time where things were "known." Some embrace "the moment," living in the "now." And some look forward. 

Some change. 

As you read this post, look inward and ask yourself, "Do I love change?" 

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