365 Days in Aspen


spoiledSpoiled. A loaded word. A sometimes dangerous concept. On one level, we might feel like we "deserve" the best. Yet when can it lead to expectation – or worse – complacency – what are we to do then?  

2016-08-08 12.59.57I just moved here, which makes me in awe of the advantages my newly adopted town offers that I didn't enjoy before. Beyond the awe-inspiring beauty – which I don't think I'll ever grow complacent with – and beyond the "just a few minutes away" convenience – which I will always always appreciate – lies other "spoiled" advantages of living here. Yesterday I experienced…

The library. 

Ahhh… the library! A library that's a six minute walk away. A library with a patio/deck and view like this. video roomA library with – get this – a soundproofed recording studio and green-screen video room!  

Like I said. Spoiled. 

What's the affliction? And if it is one, what's the antidote? 

I'll get back to you on that one. In the meantime, I'll just appreciate and enjoy.

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