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What a Difference a Year Makes

2016-08-10 12.37.41How true this is!  

2015 was a year of trials and tribulations, to say the least. I had been through many years of financial struggle (#understatement) and finally – finally! – found investors for my DrawSuccess business. After a bit of back-and-forth, we signed contracts and were ready to "Change the World in a Fun and Profitable Way."  

Alas – the experience ended up being a(nother) lesson in failure and trusting dishonorable (sleazy) people. Jim Filicia – you know who you are. Scum of the Earth. Liar of Liars. 

Soon after that fiasco started the first of 8 trips to Kentucky to help my 85-year-old mother. It started with basic, mundane support that escalated into exhaustive care and decisions that ultimately led to her dying in October. 

risk2Before you offer your sympathies, I'll share with you what I tell others: "It's all good. She was really ready to go, and she's happy where she is." My 100% security/certainty in the "other side" offers me enormous assurance and peace. And it also allowed me to talk openly with my mother about her impending experience. 

Anyway – back to the post. While my mother was aging, a year ago there was no indication she'd be gone. A year ago, I had no idea what I'd be doing (with my business up in flames, after all). I would never have guessed that I would move or where I'd be living. And there's no way I would have thought I would have gotten poisoned from Costco tuna and predicting my own death. 

Here I am. New home. New friends. New opportunities. Still a lot of uncertainties, of course. That's what you get when you live a life of taking risks.

You know what they say: Risk nothing – Gain nothing. 




















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