365 Days in Aspen

My Future Self and Me

future self2future selfYesterday I wrote about the past and how it led me here. Today I'm considering: What will life be like at the end of the 365 Days? 

I honestly don't know. Anything is possible. I could still be in Aspen (though probably living somewhere else). I could be in a whole new place for '365 Days." I could meet someone who sweeps me off to a new locale. One of my projects/ventures could take off, leading me to another city. Or I could not be "here" here, like I predicted at the beginning of the year. 

Life can be unpredictable for everyone, though I might assert that mine is a lot more fluid than most. 

Is that good or bad? I can't say. It just IS. 



co-createDid I choose this life? Let's just say I don't completely buy into the "law of attraction" or "you create your own reality" viewpoint. I think it's more that we co-create our reality. What happens next is only partially up to me. 







The following clip from a South Park episode entitled, "My Future Self 'N Me" is a humorous way of demonstrating how our future self might try to get us to make some changes that could affect her (or him).