365 Days in Aspen

Double Rainbow


This photo was taken last night – from the window of the Wheeler Opera House at the Aspen Film Festival.

A double-rainbow. 

I'm pretty sure I was the first to notice it, but once I did, everyone flocked to the window to see the incredible spectacle. 

 I looked up the sybolism of a double-rainbow – and this blew my mind even more:

 A double rainbow means serendipitous magic is on the way, the path of personal magic is opening …

Serendipity. The subject of my post yesterday.  Cue Twilight Zone theme song!

Here's another source:  

double rainbow is considered a symbol of transformation and is a sign of good fortune. The first arc represents the material world, and the second arc signifies the spiritual realm.


Considering that I'm working on a screenplay about "the other side" this is especially mind-blowing. 



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