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Weather or Not

amazing-benefits-of-apple-cider-vinegarI know, I know, I know. Colds are a virus. You don't "catch" a cold by being outside in bad weather, right? 

Of course. But what the "experts" who scoff at the mothers saying, "Stay warm! You don't want to catch a cold!" don't know is that the mothers are right, too. 

While you can't catch a cold from the weather, the weather DOES influence whether your immune system is strong enough to fight the cold. 

So why all this virus/weather philosophy today?  I felt my first virus of the season yesterday. I know, most people don't look at it that way, but I do. Why? Because while you can't stop yourself from catching a virus, you CAN prevent yourself from getting sick from it.  

What truly blows my mind is the number of people who don't follow this advice. Yes, the taste is disagreeable, to say the least. But what's 4 seconds of disagreeable vs. days of misery?  Hmmm?  

I'll never understand people.


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