365 Days in Aspen

Let It Snow?

2016-09-24-14-28-08Well we got our first snow of the season yesterday! Thanks, Judy! This photo was taken by a friend of mine. It's just a light dusting on the top, but what excites me – and most of the residents of Aspen – is the way it starts defining the ski runs, announcing the impending ski season. 

Many economies are dependent on things out of their obntrol, like weather or in beach areas, sharks. While Aspen has done a marvelous job of organizing events beyond the ski season, it is still an important part of the economy. 

And it's lovely. 

I've been cautioned that I'll get tired of the snow. As long as I can ski, I feel pretty confident that I'll endure. And the drier climate and warm sun definitely helps. 

Stay tuned!


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