365 Days in Aspen

Seasons Change – And So Did I


I love the lyric in this song. Seasons change and so do I.  Thanks, Guess Who.  (Song below).  

Aspen got snow the other day, and the town cheered. While other cities (Atlanta in particular) gasp at a snowflake (unless they're a kid getting out of school), Aspen cheers.  

Years ago I was in a speaker traning class and I gave a talk about the benefits of a skiing vacation. One included the fact that any precipitation is good. Pretty day? Great! Get out and enjoy it! Precipitation? Great! That means the snow on the mountain will be soft and fluffy. 

That's the way we should all try to look at life. Flip a coin and be happy with either heads or tails. 

Oh, and yesterday I rejoiced at the 63 degree sunny day. Yes, while also admiring the snow on the mountaintop.  

And while we're on the subject of the Guess Who…

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