365 Days in Aspen


music-heartFor those of you following my "heart saga," I'm sad to say that my struggle isn't over. Yesterday morning my heart decided to "beat to its own rhythm." More of a synchopated beat than an even rhythm. One step forward, one step back. Guess I'm doing the cha-cha. 

I'll know more when I go to the doctor later today. At this point, I'm admittedly anxious. But I know me: I'll just take the next step and the next step. It's the unknown that's most disturbing. 

Meanwhile, I'm more in love with living here than ever before. It feels like a new relationship. At first it's all rainbows and sparkles. But then the "Disney Chemicals" fade and you see the flaws in the other person. The areas of incompatibility. But it's too late. You're in love.