365 Days in Aspen

The Little (Big) Things

big-lotsLast week when my friend and I went to Santa Fe, she indulged me in my pursuit of "normalcy." You see, there's no Target or Walmart in Aspen. Nor is there a Big Lots or CVS or TJ Maxx. 

In Atlanta – as well as most other major cities – you are inundated with these chain stores. So much so that you not only take them for granted, you find yourself tired of seeing them on every corner. 

So it was quite a treat to go to Santa Fe and do some shopping at TJ Maxx. And it was funny to see my friend's eyes go big when she saw the prices at Big Lots. (I teased her mercillesly). 

It's interesting how when you travel you appreciate the things that are different, yet you also reminisce romantically about the things you miss. Even Big Lots. 

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