365 Days in Aspen

Work to Do

work-and-playwork-loveThe problem with falling in love is that you have to take time to nurture the relationship. Of course it's joyful and fun, but it's also hard work, too.  

The deeper I become attached to this place, the stronger the compulsion to want to stay. Which means that I need to plan for what happens after the "365 Days." 

You see, I have enough money to live here a year without stressing about money, but if I want to stay, I need to find a way to financially sustain myself for years to come. 

I am SO thankful I have the luxury of time; yet I also feel it slipping away. I've almost been here 1/3 of my allotted time. I need so spend some of it pursuing projects that will "pay off" in a more materialistic way. 

So today, in the immortal words of the Isley Brothers – I've got "work to do." Beyond managing several active Facebook groups, I'm working on a few quite diverse writing projects. I just finished a short story that I'm submitting to a contest and looking into turning it into a short film. I'm working on a new collaborative book with some great partners and a rushed publishing deadline. And I want to elevate another project that's been on the back-burner.  

So – let's turn up the tunes and get some work to do!

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