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Talking to My “Self”

new-reasons-why-cover-design450x562viewIn my Reasons Why book I start with what I call the "Basic Assumptions."  (To read the Basic Assumptions, click here). These are nine Assumptions. Assumption Number Six asserts, "Each Human Has Three Selves or Aspects to His or Her Being."

What this means is that whether termed Id, Ego and Superego; Inner Self, Outer Self and Higher Self; Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious or Body, Mind Spirit; or Father, a lot of belief systems and scientific disciplines acknowledge that we’re all made up of three Selves. 

Although the theories of Freud, Jung, Murphy, Millman, Pearsall and other experts differ somewhat on the definition of the three selves, many of the principles are the same. 

So when I say I'm talking to my "selves" what I mean is that I talk with my body, my mind and my spirit. 

Yes. I talk with my body. Not to, but with. I ask "her" what she wants. Ask what's going on with her. What I can do to make her happy. (Right now she wants me to finish this blog so we can go outside and "play."  laugh (That's the view from where I sit and write.  Isn't it beautiful?) 

So I'll listen to her for now and will write more later. In the meantime – talk to your "selves." Get to know them. And go out and play!  heart



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