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It Doesn’t Much Matter…

12cThis is an excerpt from my children's book, "Sometimes I Wonder," from my Wonderactive Books series, and it's probably my favorite verse in all the books. 

The previous verse, "So we set up our challenges like mountains so high, to test our endurance and reach for the sky," suggests society's obsession with setting and achieving goals. Yet, like my attempt to re-climb Smuggler's mountain the other day was an achievement in and of itself. It didn't matter if I got to the top. It mattered much more, in this case, that I didn't push myself too hard. That I listened to my body. 

And that I was exhilarated as I descended, proud of the accomplishment I did make. 

staircase-illusionThe image on this page of my book also indicates our disillusionment with what is "high" and what is "low." Like Esher's famous staircase artwork, it can get confusing. 

Why are we so obsessed with achievement? I don't know. And I don't condemn it. It keeps us motivated. It opens us up to change and evolution and growth. 

We just need to remember: It doesn't much matter if we get to the top. What matters much more is what we do when we stop..




If you want to hear me reciting the book at an event called Failure Lab in Atlanta, click below…

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