365 Days in Aspen

Wake Up, Maggie

magpie-2When I first moved here, I kept noticing these birds I'd never seen before. At first, they look like a crow. But when they take flight, you see the magnificence in their design. 

According to some sources, the Magpie is one of the most intelligent birds in the world. (See video below).

As a huge devotee of Darwin, it could be argued that this magnificence could be a result of "natural selection." But somehow I think it's something (or someone) else. 

So let's talk about "intelligent design." When I discussed wildflowers, I suggested, "someone is having fun upstairs." I feel the same about the magpie – or Maggie, as I call them. This bird is a spectacular example of "intelligent design." There was thought put into this use of color and geometry. 

So today I challenge you. Go out into nature and look for something suggesting Intelligent Design. And report back to me here or on my Facebook page: 


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