365 Days in Aspen

You Wanna Get High? Part 3

milestones4If you've followed my tales of travails about trails (sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm a writer, after all), you know the distress I've felt by not being able to do real hiking. Instead of being able to climb and hike, I've been limited to flat terrain. 

It's fine. Like most disappointments in life, I've adjusted and found things to enjoy at ground level. Yet when I looked up (literally and metaphorically), I felt a yearning to rise. To go higher. 

On the one-month anniversary of my cardioversion "shock" treatment, I mustered up the courage to try to climb Smuggler's Mountain again. 

I hadn't done it since the day before I went to the emergency room with fluid in my lungs. Yes. It was this trail that "done me in" as they say. 

So to set this goal was a bit scary. Like any good goal should. 

Yet I did it. 

And for good measure, I did it again the next day. 


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