365 Days in Aspen

Like Attracts Like

like-attractsvibe-tribeI was talking with a friend the other day who suggested that she might not be as happy living here because she probably wouldn't be as interested in the groups I'm drawn to. Makes sense, of course. My rebuttal is that there are as many different groups here as there are diverse interests. You just have to find the ones that "fit" you.

Who are you? Who is your tribe? For many of us, especially those who stay put in the same location for many years, stay connected to the people we've known forever. Even if the only thing you have in common with them is a shared history. 

But one of the exciting things about moving somewhere new is that you can seek out your tribe. You can look for the people and causes and events that resonate with your vibe. For me, it's a wide variety. Guess it must be the Gemini in me. 

So in addition to becoming active in the writing and screenwriting communities here, I also felt drawn to check out the entrepreneur group here. What a delightful surprise to see the meeting so crowded! And in the off-season! I instantly volunteered to become more active. My goal isn't to get help with my businesses. I'm more motivated to help and mentor the others. Looking forward to it. 

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