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Green Grass

single-freedomYesterday I met a new friend for lunch in a nearby town. Covering about a dozen topics, the list included the benefits in being single vs. being married. The whole "grass is always greener" discussion. I've always asserted that "The other side of relationship is freedom." So when I found this meme I thought it was a good one to discuss in today's post. 

When you're single, you have the freedom to choose what you do, who you see, what to eat, how to spend your free time, and so much more. 

It was refreshing talking with my (married) friend who understood and appreciated the freedom that comes with singledom. So many people – married or single – try to get you paired-up, like your life is half empty without a partner. 

We also talked about the whole "half-empty" analogy, within a different context. Yet another example of how society tries to get us to think that having a glass half-empty is a bad thing. Like we must be depressed without a full glass and should lament that we either didn't get our full share or we must be missing that first portion of the drink when there's still more left. 

Yet I assert (and my friend agreed) that half-empty is a GOOD thing! That a certain amount of angst is CRUCIAL for a happy, or at least a fulfilling, life. It's the basis of all creativity and innovation. If you've already heard the perfect song, why would you listen to anything else? If you have a favorite book, why wouldn't you read it over and over again instead of looking for another author? If you were thrilled with your cassette tapes, why would you consider an MP3 player? If the world was content (or, perhaps a better word would be complacent) with things as they are, they'd never strive for more. For different. For new. For better. 

When people ask me to define myself, I tailor my response to fit the audience, vacillating between saying I'm a writer, a marketer, an inventor or an innovator. The other day a friend called me a "creative mastermind." Yeah. I'll take that. 

And even though the lyrics are talking about something completely different, I can't resist…

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