365 Days in Aspen

Write in Love


The other day's post was about writing like it matters. Today it's about writing like you're in love. 

I don't know who made this meme, but it's a good one. Got me for sure. And got "me" for sure. 

I know not all writers write like they're in love. Some don't love their characters or even their readers. Some even have the intent to frighten their readers with no other "higher" purpose than that. 

When I saw this quote, it mirrored how I feel about writing in general, and this blog in particular. My love for Aspen for sure. And my love for the changes in my life that have happened (and are still happening) because I stepped out on that cliff, took a chance and jumped. 

If I ever write my autobiography, the title I want to use is "Taking a Flying Leap: How Being Pushed Out of a Cliff by Corporate America taught Me to Fly."  

With my other writing, I intend to communicate like a writer in love. Even if there are twists and turns in a story, I pursue a message that leads to self-understanding, learning, growth and, yes, love. 

With Love,