365 Days in Aspen


2016-11-30-12-56-16Today I felt like a beginner again. I was anxious and excited. I worried whether those brain synapses I'd last used over 12 years ago were still intact. Did I have enough kinesthetic memory to pull it off?  

Some people skied on Monday, a few more on Tuesday, but today (Wednesday) was the first day it wasn't snowing and the conditions were pleasant. (Though I'm not sure so many people would consider a high of 20 degrees pleasant). 

Thankfully, a friend asked me to go skiing with her today, which added an odd blend of comfort and additional stress. It's one thing to fail (or fall, as the case may be) on your own, but to look like a beginner in front of a new friend is, well, you know.  

In the end, she was supportive and considerate and I did it. I didn't fall, but I won't say I was any kind of ace either. I'm not going to ski tomorrow, mainly because the snow just wasn't ready; at least not for me. But after the next big snowfall I'll be more prepared. And will probably start with a green (beginner run). 

After all, what's so wrong with being a beginner anyway?  

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