365 Days in Aspen

All Eyes on Me

eyes2aspen-eyeaspen-eye-2aspen-eye-3This Aspen tree is visible from my place.  Oh, say can you see?  Can you see what I see? (I smudged out part of the background to make the tree stand out). It really struck me the yesterday – like eyes were looking in on me. I went for a hike to look at more Aspens, thinking this might just be a phenomena about the tree I hadn't noticed before, but I couldn't find any like this. 

Am I the first person to notice it? To write about it? To consider the message behind it? 

Each of these "eyes" seem to tell a different story. To reveal a different personality behind them. To me, one looks a little malevolent. Another looks sad. And the third looks curious, awake, watching. What do they look like to you? How should I interpret their meaning in my life?

None look particularly "adoring," but what the heck…




One Response to All Eyes on Me

  • Great Brownell, really great!!! You have defenitely the eye of an artist!