365 Days in Aspen

The Bridge Across Forever

bridge2One of the best things about chronicling this year is photographing the change of seasons. And thanks to my new-found freedom and ability to "walk on (frozen) water," I can explore more in the winter than I'd expected. 

The title for this post is in tribute to one of my favorite books, "The Bridge Across Forever," and it's author, Richard Bach. 

The book is about his story after "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" got popular and he decided to stop barnstorming with his airplane and look far and wide for his soulmate. In retrospect, it's a bittersweet story when you find out (spoiler alert!) that even though he found her, he has since divorced her. 

I'm convinced that if anyone had asked him when he first recognized their soul connection, Bach would have argued vehemently that it would last "forever." Today, he'd more likely say that they learned their soul lesson and/or accomplished their purpose together and then parted to learn something else from someone else. 

Either way, it's a message of impermanence. Of detachment to "forever." Which is also a message to appreciate what you have while you have it. 

This song includes the lyrics "Bridge Across Forever." And it's from Thelma and Louise. Enjoy.

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