365 Days in Aspen


Today is a dreary day in Aspen.  Rain mixed with wet snow; slush, clouds. 

Yet it's still beautiful. 

Yesterday I went for a late afternoon walk. In the snow. And enjoyed every minute of it. Today? Not so inclined to go out. And that's okay. I can stay in, be warm and productive. Getting some writing done. 

I'm currently juggling multiple projects. Two nonfiction books, one screenplay that I'm also turning into a novel and a follow-up television series that would be the second book. Plus this blog. So a rainy, dreary day is perfect. The only downside is that my options for exercise are severely limited. But that's also about balance. Some days I do intense exercise like skiing or hiking up mountains. Others I take off. 

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures  I took on yesterday's walk. They almost look like I took them in black and white…

1-8-17-a 1-8-17-b 1-8-17-c 1-8-17-e