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Archetypes (and Purpose), Part 4

archetypes.breed_According to Caroline Myss, our archetypes are not only components of our soul – the part of us that existed before we're born and will continue on after we die – they are also key elements of our purpose on Earth. 

Interestingly, and perhaps paradoxically, our archetypes also determine whether we actually believe we have a purpose. 

I'm no expert – and will readily admit that I can't tell you how some of the 80 or so archetypes Myss identifies could possibly have any kind of "soul purpose." Like Gunslinger, Victim or Vampire. Either I need to read more about it (I'm about halfway through the book and just ordered her "Archetype Cards" and still need to read Soul Contracts) or my belief system isn't in alignment with hers. I'm hoping it's more about lessons than purpose. I'll let you know.  


In the meantime, I will say how my top three archetypes mentioned the other day impact my life – both positively and negatively. 

The other day a friend suggested that my goals might be too lofty/ambitious. She said I was good at other things, hinting that I might want a more "average" lifestyle. 

But if you listen to Myss, she says that once you find your purpose, your archetypes and how they combine with your soul purpose, there's no denying it. You are compelled to follow that path. No. Matter. What. 

No matter what. 

What drives you? What's your purpose? What are you unconditionally willing to sacrifice to follow that path? 

I think you know the answer for me. Creative + Visionary + Caretaker. Creating big ideas that can change the world. Lofty? Yes, undeniably. But it's in my soul. My purpose. No. Matter. What. 

What's the answer for you?

Here's an exercise on Myss's website: https://www.myss.com/free-resources/sacred-contracts-and-your-archetypes/determining-your-archetypes/