365 Days in Aspen

Save Our Precious Landmarks

ExploreBooksellersThere are certain things every town needs to preserve. A walkable "Main Street," as many parks as possible, and a bookstore. 

The world of books and publishing has changed so much over the past 10 or so years that bookstores have been struggling. And in a place like Aspen, where real estate is extremely expensive, keeping a business like a bookstore alive is even that much more challenging. 

But what would a town be like without a bookstore? 

10405Thankfully, we do have one here – Explore Booksellers – and I've had the pleasure of visiting there twice in two days. The first was the event by the Aspen Writer's Network when I spoke there Thursday night. And then again yesterday I went back to hear Robert Wagner talk about his new book, "I Loved Her In The Movies."  

What a fun-loving, gracious and classy man. And an honor to meet him. Hopefully there will be "more of that story" in a future post.