365 Days in Aspen

It Matters

write-like-it-mattersWhen I write this blog every day, sometimes I wonder: does it matter? Does anyone read it? Does it matter if they don't?  

It's a literal question for this blog, yet it's also a philosophical and metaphysical message, too. Along the lines of ""f a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"  

I sometimes get torn, weighing the way I spend my time. If I'm the only person who learns from this post, does it matter? How about if only one other person? Two? A hundred? That's the "worth it" number?  

As I'm writing this blog I am also working on several other writing projects. A book collaboration that I'm planning on releasing this year or early next year. A movie script I just finished. A book series of short stories. Finishing a previously unfinished novel. And edits on my other books. 

And this blog. 

Hopefully all of it will "matter." 

More tomorrow. 

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